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Question for those with a latex allergy


Rara for short :)
In my quest towards more eco-friendly fursuit materials, I discovered that natural latex foam seemed to be a good alternative. Though, some people are allergic to that.

So I was wondering, if the latex is covered in fur or fleece, is it still dangerous? I wouldn't want to cause someone a reaction because they hugged me wearing a natural latex foam suit.

The foam wouldn't be dusty like gloves are so I'm not worried about latex dust getting through the fabric.


I found I was allergic to latex after my liver operation as the latex tape holding the medical needle in my back for pain killers. This caused skin in direct contact with latex to swell and I need allergy spray to reduce the swelling. I think as long as it is covered it should not pose a problem but I think this varies from person to person.


Miss Fluffy Bottom
Yes as some have hypersensitive allergy to latex and they can have reaction from the particles or something that has only been touched latex.


Rara for short :)
Did some research, and I think it's not really that risky for me to use latex foam.

All the sources I saw said that direct contact is needed to cause a reaction, unless it comes from powdered gloves since the powder can get onto clothes and in the air and such.

It's extremely unlikely for someone to get a serious reaction without knowing they were allergic in the first place, since symptoms start mild and only get worse if the person keeps getting more sensitized by being exposed to it, so anyone who could get an anaphylactic shock from it most likely carry epinephrin already. The intensity of the symptoms also depends on the level of exposure, so since it's covered it's unlikely to do anything really bad even on someone who's extremely allergic.

So I feel comfortable using this material now :)

Kosmo Kittypup

Goodest Space Boy
i dunno about the danger part but i think i'd be a little uncomfortable knowing more folks are running around with latex on em that isn't immediately obvious, even if it is covered. then again, i also get a little uncomfy hanging around folks who own cats since i'm allergic to cats, but that's never ended up an actual problem for me so who knows lol