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I plan on doing furry diving art. If a shark attacked, what would the rating be for the following scenarios? A: lost limbs. B: bit in half! C: shark bits. D: exposed ribcage (or other bones)


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For most more-intensive gore it'd usually fall under a "mature" rating
here's my personal list for scaling (not at all official)

- blood and low quality gore showing (like losing a limb but the meat has minimal detail) or any type of candy / food gore - general
- more detailed gore, showing organs / intestines and furries with their bodies open up revealing organs / being attacked and losing a limb - mature
- highly detailed gore, such as a character being ripped open or attacked and organs being spilled, any gore including genitals (obviously) - adult

like i said, just my personal rating scale from what i've seen
for being bit in half i would place it as adult / mature according to how detailed you plan to make it
same for losing a limb, general / mature according to detail
exposed ribcage i would generally just leave around mature
shark bites seems to be more general, but it's once again, according to how detailed the injury is


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Most of your scenarios are relatively straightforwardly covered by the rating guidelines in the upload policy:
General said:
May contain mild violence, but may not be gory, bloody, pervasive, or sexual in nature.
Free of sexual fluids, bodily waste, or forced involuntary drug use. Minimal blood presented in a comedic manner or mild, non-violent injury is permitted.
Mature said:
Contains mildly violent or disturbing content that may be disturbing or repulsive to sensitive users. This includes depictions of scary or disgusting content in a horror or fantasy context.
May contain blood or bodily waste as long as it is not excessive and not sexual. May contain drug use against the user’s will, but may not be sexual in nature.
Adult said:
Contains violence that is intense and graphic. This includes situations that are extremely violent and/or extremely disturbing or repulsive such as gore or sexual violence.
Where exactly your work would fall on the scale would largely depend on execution. How much detail, the style of the injuries, how they are presented, and so on.