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Question/situation regarding group accounts


Loner Cheetah not wolf! :P
I read the announcement and I agree totally with that. I also dropped my 2cents in dragoneer's post asking for ideas about the groups, and now I have a question about their current situation:

What are the acceptable rules for them? Is there any public guideline for them we have to follow?

I need to point out a group I think I should be in, and that I have actually been in until a couple of days ago, because I always thought it was useful to connect people from my country, Spain. The group is, of course, 'spain'.

That group was created by two people who are a couple, and they have their friends and many people, like me, who think they're not so good. Still, they run and moderate a group they should really not 'own', because they are not anybody to say if someone is in Spain or not, much less take them off the list whenever they want.

They've set a 'rule' that all who want to be there /has to/ watch the account and has to publicy it in their profile. I want to do none, because when you go to that group, the only thing you see ALL OVER is the name of the moderators and the links to their personal accounts.

I'd be all in for a group to be 'myclub' that worked in that way, but if I'm in Spain and I love cheetahs, I don't want to be left out of it just because I'm not buddies with the admins. It only leads to misinformation for all of those who wanna use the groups for what they should be: meet furs alike, affin furs. Isn't it what this site's about? c:

So basically, my questions are:

- Can the group owners set the rules they want so they can screw the people they don't like anytime?
- Is it fair that something as objective as 'being in spain' is controlled by two people not liked by half of spain?
- Is there a way to protest formally about a group to get it removed?

Thank you!