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Question: Which characters are the most popular, or which characters do you like?


I, as an artist, was wondering who has what favorite characters? And which characters are popular on Fur Affinity.


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Favorite in what regard? Species, appearance, build, or maybe personality or certain tropes?


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Are you asking for our personal favorite characters or just who's popular in the fandom at large?
Personally I like anything Star Fox. That's just a small example of what I like, as most characters I enjoy exist only in text, but it's easy to talk about.


Вы спрашиваете наших любимых персонажей или просто тех, кто популярен в фандоме в целом?
Лично мне нравится что-нибудь из Star Fox. Это всего лишь небольшой пример того, что мне нравится, так как большинство персонажей, которые мне нравятся, существуют только в тексте, но о них легко говорить.
Yes, those who are popular in the fandom in general)


Are you asking for our personal favorite characters or just who's popular in the fandom at large?
Personally I like anything Star Fox. That's just a small example of what I like, as most characters I enjoy exist only in text, but it's easy to talk about.
It's interesting to know what kind of StarFox) I'll look)


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It's hard to say without more context. Do you mean characters in popular media (TV, books etc) or OCs within the fandom? If it's the former, I expect animal or anthro characters to be the most popular for the most part.
But, for non furry reasons, I really like Zuko from Avatar because of his character arc.


Inside the fandom, but I'm also interested to know which ones are popular in the media. Unfortunately I haven't watched this show. :)


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If you only want to be popular just draw wolves, foxes, big cats, or dragons.


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I like unusual characters with realistic bodily proportions the most. I'm not a fan of extreme fetishes like macro or inflation, but I do like to see a good range of different body types from chubby through to skinny, or tall to short. I tend to prefer 'real' animals, but the odder the better - insects are a favourite. I don't mind an occasional sergal or protogen, and recognisable mythical beasts like dragons and gryphons are fine, but I don't like random hybrids and most other 'original species' just look silly to me.

That being said, a good artist can make anything look appealing, even boring old foxes and dragons. It's all about how much character you can get into your... er... characters. I like to look at just the picture and immediately know what that character is like as a person.

On the other hand, I don't think I'm remotely typical of the fandom!

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In context of characters I like on FA and excluding my own?

None, really. Not to sound like an ass but I just generally don't really care much half of the time, because they'll fall into two categorys.
1. See them once and never again.
-Basically you see them in one image then never again.
2. You see them everywhere and soon hate them.
-Basically seeing them in EVERY got damn artwork that it becomes more of an annoyance because it becomes the "Everywhere I go, I see his face" meme.


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There may be a language barrier preventing me from understanding the question, but I'll go ahead with possibilities I see

From the media in general, I like Yoshi
From the fandom, I have recently become quite fond of Kura
I think Lola Bunny, Robin Hood, Nick Wilde are very popular media characters in the fandom, although I'm not particularly into them
I think Telephone, Majira Strawberry and Vergence are very popular fandom characters (or sonas in this case? But if we're talking OCs, maybe those from Two Kinds)

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Regarding FA, I would say that I think canines and foxes are the most popular. I see a lot of wolves, huskies, and mixes.

My personal favorites are dragons and fursonas with dragon features.


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Here is a list of the most popular species in the fandom. Some of the information is inevitably out of date but I think it's pretty safe to say that canines, felines and dragons are no doubt crowd-pleasers.
Personally, I like birds, dinosaurs, reptiles, monsters, kaiju, and demons.


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cats don't dance is a underrated masterpiece and sawyer is a underrated best girl.

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As someone who takes commissions I particularly like villains. It's probably because I'm asked to explore characters in-depth, and there's no point in coming to me with for-the-evulz moustache-twirlers so I tend to see the ones who have been well thought out. They always have so much subtext about the values of the person commissioning me too.
My longest ever No Frills commission was a villain and I'm pretty excited today to finally be able to post him up to show off all the hard work that went into him.