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Howdy all!
When I first entered the fandom; about four years ago, I found a picture that was a furry depiction of different subcultures. I think there were pictures showing a raver, a goth, and others. I would like to see that picture or maybe know who did it. Any information on it would be appreciated.
Thank you and happy new year!


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i know exactly what picture you are talking about... unfortunately i didn't bookmark or save it :(


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Um... This one?



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I'm trying to find out who did this image as well, actually! If you find out, could you let me know? And vice-versa, of course. :)
Back about four years ago there was a picture with different human subcultures with different furry pictures and descriptions bellow about them

There was, I think, a raver wolf wearing pants with smiley faces on it and a pacifier around his neck

I have no information about the pic, and it is quite old, about 4/5 years old, anyone remember it?


wow that sure sounds like an awesome picture i hope u find it and mount it on your wall so that visitors to your humble abode may stand in awe of its majestic beauty


If you want help try to be more specific with the thread title next time. "Question" is very general.

Either way sorry, I have never heard of the picture you speak about.


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Nope, question is very vague.


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Merged the topics.