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Questions about asking to a famous artist


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I'm not sure if it's a right place to tell or not but do any of you guys usually ask any artist that you like some questions or tips related to their artwork/technique ? I know some users from tumblr does that but what about in FA ?

I'm curious to know because I'm trying to learn one of their works and I have a bunch of questions filled in my head.

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Well.. I dunno..
Most artist don't have the time to do that. Either they're busy with something or is getting many of those questions. You could ask but I wouldnt bank on it (especially those super super famous ones)


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I imagine the polite thing to do would be to first ask if they wouldn't mind answering some questions from an aspiring artist who is a fan of their work. If they do have time to answer, they'll tell you, and then you can present your questions to them. And if not, they'll probably tell you that right away. Some might not even take questions, if they're too busy or it's not their thing, but the best way to go about it is to simply ask. But don't be obnoxious about it if you don't hear back right away, that will only sour the chance of them wanting to take their time answering.

Also, maybe check their FAQ pages, if they have one. Since, if they're big names, they probably get asked quite frequently about their techniques and such, some information might already be provided there.


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I'd also check if the artists you like do Streaming, some do and don't mind questions as they work.
Some do, but most are pretty nice as long as you don't hound them or such.


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You can always post any questions in this thread..... O_O


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Just talk to them like you would talk to any normal person. Don't be a creep, don't be too hyper.


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It's important to be natural about it; remember that they're a person, not an art sprite.


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Most artists are just people! They will either respond or they won't. I have met a few famous artists in my life time and let me tell ya, the worst was trying to talk to Barofsky. He didn't speak English that well. I have met some at various university events and shows and I even sent a letter to Frazzeta. The online artists I think get way to many people asking them the same questions. I cheked ones page and found a link to "Frequently asked questions" it was very helpful.