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Questions Critiques and or Advice Needed


Just call me Pup~
Ok so... Um.. I am trying to make a head or a mask of my sona.

A mask like this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8670330/

But as a wolf and anime/toonish way with follow me eyes and movable jaw.

Character I am trying to make: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10583050/

I made this as a Test to get a idea down: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10905754/

Yes I know Paper won't do. It's WAY to flimsy for what I want to do. As I said. I made this as a Test to get a idea on how to make one correctly and better. But I want to get advice and or critiques on this.

I used this http://www.matrices.net/caninesuit.asp and these http://youtu.be/C0Jeiyh3Z28 and http://youtu.be/2X8KJJfGTIc Honestly the second one helped abit better since it showed how and I found it at the last second when I was nearly done. ^^;

But for my flimsy paper head XD I do want some critique on how I can make the actual thing correctly?

I want advice on what would be best to use. Plastic Canvas. Foam. Etc. Whatever you suiters use.

And questions I would like answered.

1) Where do you get the supplies from to make these?

2) Where or how can I make the eyes and nose.

3) How can I do fur placement since my sona is 3 colors? two if I can use the ears I already have ^^;

And Is there any other tutorials for me to use to try this?

Much help would be awesome as this is my first attempt. :3 Reasons for trying myself is cause. I kept missing the people I want to commission. Some don't do Money Orders. One ignored me. And all not in my Range XD And I heard it was cheaper to try it this way. >3> So gonna try it this way. Plus I am impatient. When I want something I Kinda want it. So I figure I try and make one my own. Cause I want one by October at best. So yeah...

If there is a way to have help on this. That would be awesome. :3 But I doubt it XD So thank you for reading and helping. Hope to hear back from the feedback on this.

That is all~


The plastic canvas method is honestly really crappy and old. It is too easy to make things too blocky. A lot of people use a balaclava as a base.

I like to use the all foam method. http://matrices.net/foam.asp