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Questions involving current sales practices, not art/furry specific

reptile logic

An imposter among aliens.
Is this becoming a new trend that I need to take into consideration when conducting a sale?

Case in point; a small sale, 1or 2 books. The setting, a strip mall store in the Seattle metropolitan area:

I enter a business and proceed with my transaction. There are no other customers in the store, so we chat for a minute. In our discussion, I bring up my book and hand over a card to the assistant manager. That person seems interested. And actually asks for a few more cards to hand out, great!

That person then asks if it can be purchased in paperback.

I answer, "Yes. I have some in the car. Do you want one?"

"Not today. How about Friday?"

"Same time?" I ask.

The person answered, "That'd be great. See you Friday."

Friday comes. I arrive at the agreed-upon time.

I enter the building, no one is there except for the assistant manager and one other employee. I show them the books.

They both say that want a book, but payday is not until Tuesday.

I say, "OK See you Tuesday, about this time?"

"Great. See you then," replied the assistant manager.

Stuff happens, so I again go by that way on Tuesday. The assistant manager is out. The other employee tells me that the assistant manager is out; and so this employee cannot get cash until the manager returns (this was to be a cash deal from day one). This employee then asks if I can come back the next day, about the same time.

"OK," I told the employee. I'll be back tomorrow.

Tomorrow (today) arrives and I stop back by. The one customer is just leaving the building. The employee says, "I'm sorry to keep dragging you out here, but I'm alone and still haven't got any cash."

"OK," I said as I wrote my number on another card, " Here's my number and my email again. Let me know when I should pop over and I'll see what I can do." I left the business and finished running my errands.

The shop is nearby, and I have planned other errands around that one. The failed sale is not a big deal in itself. Though this one instance could still simply be a series of events orbiting around forgetfulness, it got me thinking.

Though it is the first time for me regarding book sales, this is not a first occurrence. I have experienced similar behavior before, usually when conducting business with younger people. When the reason became obvious, that the person was speaking, "Yes," while assuming/hoping that I would take 'the hint' that "No" was meant; that always struck me as odd. I simply do not understand this action. Why not say, "No," when that is the best possible answer for what was meant/intended? I am talking business here, not dating or some other, more nuanced form of social interaction. Everyone's time is valuable, especially when conducting business.

Other questions: Have others experienced this? If so, is this behavior becoming more prevalent?

Input, please.


Oh yes, but not in the business aspect... sometimes me and my friends set up some time to get together, and then they say something in their schedule has changed so we have to find another date but that doesn't work...

reptile logic

An imposter among aliens.
I understand how the social calendar works. I know people who are very reliably a "No" when they say "maybe" regarding getting-together. It's just that I was taught that business appointments are just that, appointments. Not everyone can readily adapt their schedule to meet someone else's changes, especially unannounced changes.