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Questions on Shinies


Do A Barrel Roll
I'm not familiar with forums so forgive me if this is the wrong place for this

So, I have two questions regarding the Shinies tipping system on FA.
1. Are there any problems with paypal banning/suspending/etc. accounts because of the Shinies system? (I'm assuming these are rumors as I only heard of people "getting in trouble" with paypal shortly after Shinies came out and nothing since.)

2. Is there a limit to how many accounts you can enable Shinies on? I have three FA accounts and one paypal account, so can I link that one paypal to all three or just one?


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1) We have never had a report of PayPal taking any sort of action, no. The only reports we have heard are for people who have recently opened a NEW PayPal account and have been flagged for security reasons (PayPal tends to be aggressive on new accounts) but nothing that actually pertains/relates to FA specifically.

2) There is no limit, no. You can link it on multiple accounts.