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Main Site Questions re: Reminder submissions, commission etiquette


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In the next day or two I am going to be commissioning a scene with my fursona bowling at a bowling alley. Since the scene would be too sparse if it were just the one character, I wanted to include three other characters in the picture, two of whom are bowling in another lane and one who is there as a friend. I had the idea to offer the opportunity for others to be included in the commission (raffling off the slots if there were more than three people were interested). Their inclusion would be free to them; I'm fully paying for the commission myself.

So my question is, am I allowed to post a submission asking for anyone who might be interested? I know the upload policy allows for "Submissions used to remind users of content for sale" as long as they aren't deleted and reposted more than every four hours, although this isn't really technically for "sale" since it's free, and it's not really technically a YCH since the art hasn't been started yet, and also I won't be the one doing the art. If it's not allowed or appropriate to make such a request it's okay, as I could ask the artist to use some basic/generic characters instead.


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Thanks for the reply! I figured as much, I'm just still kind of new to the scene and don't want to break any rules or step on any toes, lol. I'd be happy to include you! I'll PM you if I have any questions or info I need and to let you know when it's finished. Thanks again!


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The finished art!