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Quick! Grab the object that is standing to the right of you! It will serve you as a weapon!


Lobie the Cartoonist
Silly putty. Ayyyyyyy :D

Niru the Husky

Can easily be persuaded with bacon...
I guess I'll just buy my life


A creature of the night
A stack of Post-It Notes
*fashions them into deadly weapons*

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
A very pointy brass d4

blue sky love

A basket of styrofoam fruit.

Come get some fruit! It's got fiber lol

Deleted member 134556

My succulent zebra plant that I got at Walmart for only $5.99

You too can have this charming plant of your very own that is easy to take care of and makes a great decoration for any bedroom or living room. Makes a great gift for friends and family, only at Walmart. Save money, live better.

blue sky love

Off topic; but I love how my town's Walmart has changed, because they have nicer clothes, nicer shoes, etc for low prices! Sorry, I'm kind of poor so I got all giddy seeing a vast selection of cute shoes there for the first time in my life!

My Walmart purse is to my right.

"That's my purse! I don't know you!"

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
The 5e Dungeon Master's Guide.