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Quick! Grab the object that is standing to the right of you! It will serve you as a weapon!


A bit sketchy.
An empty chip bag. I suppose suffocating my enemy is the best option with that.


aka Cutter Cat
A 26 ounce container of salt?! I guess maybe this will work out if I'm being attacked by witches... or garden slugs.


Well-Known Member
Unfortunately, you're being attacked by ME! With my... er... squishy brain-shaped stress toy.

I guess I could jam it in your throat and hope it swells up and chokes you? It's definitely not a safe chew-toy.

Foxy Emy

Scarlett / [Selena] / <Emy>
Stainless steel thermos full of hot coffee..
Good to have a couple avenues of attack :p

A cup of tea! The Great Hot Beverage War is on again!

Foxy Emy

Scarlett / [Selena] / <Emy>
While quite a large distance away to the right, a cup of tea!! >:3

Looks like we need to pause our floofy rivalry and join forces against the coffee drinkers!


Queen of Laziness
Now using... A KNIFE!

Oh, wow, really... I'm not kidding, that's a knife.


I just so happen to be sitting next to a bokken, (for those who don't know, that's a wooden katana), and I will use it. I have a whole full metal body razor scooter, and it's heavy. I have a door at my disposal....and ...er....a book. yeah.


United forever in friendship and labour
I got a container of Shea butter and I’m not afraid to moisturize you!