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Hey all! I’m offering a couple sketchpage commissions for a discounted price because I really want to work on some! My sketchpages feature AT LEAST three fullbody views and three headshot views, fully colored, in a more sketchy line style! That’s a LOT of views of your character, for only $20 more than what I would charge for a single polished fullbody!

These cost $75USD (+$20 for NSFW), and I’m only taking five at the moment! First come first serve for these. Example is below, and you can see more examples of my style in my gallery!



Artwork Gallery for werewolf-kun -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

1.) DracoBlackshock ⭐️ Completed!

Comment to claim a slot, or feel free to PM me or note me on FurAffinity!
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