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QUICK LIKE A CHEETAH — need arts for promotions

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I have made my selection, and appreciate everyone who offered to fulfill my request. I will keep everyone in mind for future projects!


Hello everyone,

Single Character, medium background, grasp of technical drawing preferred. Rated G.
$150 Budget, will pay immediately
Time Frame: ASAP. Within 10 days if possible. This is for time-sensitive promotional work.
I need a picture of my character in a panicked state, as if a deadline is being missed, and it's through no fault of his own. I will need some machinery (namely, a letterpress) to be illustrated somewhere in the composition. Some fine examples can be found by typing "Heidelberg Windmill" into a google images search, I do require that it be illustrated though, not superimposed in the background… It wouldn't have to be incredibly detailed— just enough to know what it is. The atmosphere would need to be kind of hectic. Paper flying around, ink spattered here and there, etc. The character would be a cheetah as a press operator. The era would be the 1950s. So a monochromatic/sepia-tone image would be appropriate. A picture of my character can be found here:

Digital or Traditional media accepted.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and look forward to taking your ideas into consideration in turn!


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Sifyro the dragoness
If you search a good and detailed painting like this
it would cost $75, as the machinery is a bit complicated it will cost +$5. So total its: $80.

I work in 300dpi and you can tell me size of the picture.

My method of commissions is the next:

1- Notify me if you choose me xd
2- I draw a sketch of your picture for your approval (or you can ask me livestream this, most of people choose this option xd)
3-If you approve the sketch you have to send me the money to my paypal ryuuminari@hotmail.com
4-When its paid i will finish this in less than a week and i send you a png copy of the picture (better quality than jpeg) and a jpeg copy, and if you want a psd copy.

Note me in FA or here if you are interested or add me in skype xd
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/blitzdrachin/
Skype: Sifyro

Here are more examples:

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Your idea sounds fun, and I could definitely work with that!
Here's my Gallery, and a big illustration like that would run about $80.00 USD.
I correspond via email, and I'll be sending you progress pics periodically.

Thank you for considering my art, and I hope to hear from you at ley.commissions@gmail.com ~


I'm interested
Check out my portfolio: http://sannamy.artworkfolio.com/ and gallery: http://sannamy.deviantart.com/gallery/

I'm willing to do your scene for the 150$ (Actually I should ask for more, since I'm offering high quality pictures... but since you're in a hurry and you set your budget and hurry state... more could be dificult).
I can have it done 4 days, 400dpi, A3 size, full color, full background, detailed shading and a jpg copy of the original pencil sketch as a gift...)

I'll ask for the full (or the first half of the) payment before the start of the process.
If you have any question or are interested in hiring me, send me a note or PM (here, in FA, or in DA). I can surelly fullfill your spectation.
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