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Quick question: About how much money can I expect to throw down?


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So Ive been planning on making a fursuit for a while and Ill be having some free time to make it now. What ive been wondering is about how much can I expect to be throwing down on this for supplies? I know generally what I need though I do need to read a few more tutorials. Im about 5'11" and it should be a pretty simple suit (Pretty accurate to my fursona now, mostly white with some black on tail tip, ears paws and some small airbrushing on the muzzle (I already have access to this)

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Like $200 tops. Depending on the quality of the materials you plan to use.


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200-250 at most.
It also doesn't hurt to save a bit more just in case you have an accident.

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I've seen prices for supplies go from 75 to 250 U.S. dollars (usually around 150-200), depends on where you buy your supplies and what quality they are.

If you truly want to know you should make a list of every material needed and search Amazon, Ebay, fabric.com, Joann Fabrics etc. for the prices.


Depends on where you get your fur and foam and how much you use. Like the others' said $200-$300.


I'm planning to send around 100-150 on my partial (sleeves, head, paws, no feet paws though)


With some couponing, two trips to Joannes, and one to Hobby Lobby I was able to get everything I needed for a full suit for $150. However the big thing was the upholstery foam which I got the regular density instead of the high so that shaved off alot of money. That and Joannes had the fur colors I needed on sale which was great. Plus I got more than I needed just in case so its possible I have enough for a partial or possibly another full suit depending on what colors I use.

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For my fursuit, I spent about £50, but I got my upholstery foam from Amazon and Earth is a rather basic character. I also happened to make a partial.