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Quick question regarding anthro dragons...

I had posted this in my journal before but I thought this was a way to get help quicker. :p

Please help me on this one. I'm looking for anthro dragons that have appeared in games. I can manage finding the sprites and pics- it's to help a forum I'm in with something, after all. Problem is, I don't know what to look for. Can you kindly mention any and all anthro dragons possible that have appeared in video games before? All I remembered was the Dragonute from the Shining Soul series. Thanks!


Spyro...? I'm sure one of the local dragon peeps will be able to help you further. :p


You may want to try the same thread in the gaming forum? But I am surprised you didn't get more replies too. o_O
well tehre IS a defiante lack of dragons in videogames bassass and anthro. I remember being on a fruitless drago sprite sheet quest a couple years back. Though I do remember coming across a sheet of a big yellow anthrodragon from some game. unfortuynatly my laptop is dead but I might be able to recover the filkes from teh harddrive some time.


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Umm... its on PS3, you fly a dragon and kill the bad guys, ive seen some pics of it on IGN. Reallly cool looking, but for shame i have no PS3.


Well, Garr in Breath of Fire 3 looked kinda like a dragon anthro.

Plus, dragons were a main plot point in those games.


BAH! I was going to bring up Bof and the Garr character. Didn't get there fast enough, I guess =P that was the best game series out there ever... Though 5 sorta sucked. But Ryu could also take on the form of a dragon, specially in game 3. =D


Lol, if you want to use the term "anthro" loosely, you could always go with Ridley from Metroid. Thats getting fairly desperate though.


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Hmm...Gray from Atelier Iris 2 is an anthro dragon( a sexy one too*murr*), Apehlion from Radiata Stories is also an anthro dragon


Bleu - Shining force
Flammy - Mana series
Larc (Wolf/dragon) - Legend of Mana
Lazarus - Shining Tears
Dratti - Disgaea
Dang it, I can't think of any more. =(

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There is Spyro (surprised no one mentioned him!), Cael in Dragon Rage (PS2), and that's all I can think of of dragons that haven't been mentioned.


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Weren't there draconians in one of the D&D-based computer games? Those were anthro dragons.


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mmm let me seee

bleu-from shining force
all the dragon playable characters from shining force 1 and 2
all the dragons rom breath of the fire series
grey from atelier iris
the yellow chinese dragon from pop'n music
the chinese dragon from dinasty game
actually i dont renember....!!! >_>


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My knowledge of such characters is admittedly limited, but Zak from Landstalker (Sega Genesis) is an anthropomorphic winged reptile (good luck finding anything on him, though).