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Quick Survey: what should I make next?

Ever since spring 2018 (honestly forgot which month exactly I've doing it ^^u), I have been making mostly OTAs and sometimes occasionally a couple of YCHs. Most of these are SFW.
Below are my art examples, including my old sketches I made when I was an amateur :
Artwork Gallery for Twiphase3468 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Sta.sh Uploads 775

Based on my style, what do you viewers out there think I should make next? I figure I should do something to pass the time especially since my commission business has been slow as of late.

So in other words, what is the one thing (hopefully SFW) you would gladly pay for within a heartbeat?

Please give me your most honest opinion as soon as you can. Until then, hope you all been having a nice summer (^w^)

(EDIT as of 7/15) note: I was referring to OTAs and/or YCHs. Though the idea of drawing inanimate objects is tempting, I doubt somebody would commission someone to draw a sketch of something like pastries. -_-u
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Window Licker
How about something quadpedeled? Looks like most of your works are bipedal characters. Personally I like eastern style dragons and kitsunes. Maybe work on some perspective shots like a dragon swooping in from the air, maybe into the ocean? (An idea that’s been floating around in my head. Lol.)