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Hello. My name is Quinntan and as you probably can imagine, I'm new here. I hope to get to know some people here and talk about furry stuff.

Now, a little about me. I am a sixteen year old heterosexual male living in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. My fursona is an anthropomorphic red fox and (Original, I know...) no one but myself knows I'm a furry in real life. I don't think my parents would care but, I think not telling them will save me from explaining/embarrassment. Some things I enjoy are computer games, science, and hanging out with my friends.

Hope you don't/won't hate me,


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Recently I've been playing Civilization IV or Oblivion. I'm interested in chemistry and genetics. Too bad there's no genetics courses at the high school level.

Edit: I also like astronomy. Forgot about that for a second...


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Neat, I play a lot of games, and genetics are very interesting( it does suck that they have no courses for it in high school, and i love astronomy as well.


Welcome Quinntan, I'm Fox, a little about myself, I'm an anthropomorphic fox as well, (yes, I know it's so original but foxes are just so cute. ^^ I liked them before I was a furry) I'm a bisexual male as well, and I'm atually more interested in girls right now because my friends list the last 2 years has been a real meat fest, not that theres anything wrong with that but I'm getting a little bored so I'm adding some new friends to help keep me from being bored, I'm graduated from school and not looking into college completely (no money) And I'm very kind and friendly. ^^ Well thats enough about me i guess.


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Thanks everyone for welcoming me. Most other forums I joined I guess I just kind of snuck into without anyone knowing I was new...


well no matter how new you are, I'll see you eventually because i like to hange out in the intro sections and meet new furs. And we're a lot nicer here because we don't... well we're not suppos to judge based on race, species, age, or sexual attraction. Well thats what I go by at least.
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Civ FTW!!!
And no, even if you wouldn't like it, i wouldn't hate you. There are other persons on the board to be that -.-

Welcome onboard, Civ comrade ^^

Have a big cookie *hands you one*


Lonely Bunny
Hello and welcome to FAF! Feel free to chat me up anytime!
Info is over there!


Mr Foxx reporting!

Names Kume
I like to meet new people!
Bi-sexual maleness
I am in this for the same thing you are!
I love to talk to people, cause nowadays im pretty lonely...
If ya want to. come see me on yahoo!
And I love to play guitar

By the way, have a....*looks though his backpack* Pudding cup! Its chocolate!
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Salutations, quinntan, and welcome to the FA forums. :cool: Feel free to leave me a PM at any time if you ever need help with anything, or if you just want to start a nice chat. :) Hope you enjoy your stay on here. ;)