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R.I.P: Jack Layton (NDP) (1950-2011)


Tarot Reader
It is quite saddening news, But the NDP leader Jack Layton, possibly the only person who could give people hope that there is a choice other than the idiot in charge (Stephen Harper)...Has lost his battle with cancer!

The news report just came on recently that Jack Layton has passed from cancer at the age of 61, it is rumored he died at home around his loved ones. It is quite sad that cancer takes another victim.

I dont know what to say. Though I am not much for politics, This guy seemed to show enough intelligence that made me think "If I am going to go vote, I am voting for THIS GUY!"

Now with the death of Jack layton, the voice of intellect I think, The way is clear for stephen harper to railroad and destroy the canada we know and loved.

R.I.P Jack Layton. You actally made me believe that there was another choice other than the same-old. But this senseless murderer we call Cancer has stolen your lofty Ideals and your intelligent voice.


Guess what mood I'm in today.


Tarot Reader
Oh, Canadian politicians. Well, have a glass of syrup and a plate of maple bacon for him in his honor.

In all Honesty Jack layton was the -only- canadian politician in my opinion who didnt come off as some Bible-thumper fresh from Jesus-camp. I mean look at the alternative. Stephen harper who recently stood up for the Wonders of Cancer-causing asbestos and swearing to continue to export it. And this poor soldier falls to his own cancer. at least now he can rest in peace, his battle is over.

So Yep, Pass around a pint of Syrup and keep that maple bacon a-comin! To Jack, the only sign of intelligence in the canadian circus that is politics


public class Dass
Yeah, I have to say the sting of this news is significantly lessened by the fact that I found out on FREAKING FETLIFE (seriously). Still though. Not good for the left-wing.


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I never mourn politicians, I celebrate when they die. There hasn't been an honestly good one in, ever.


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In FAF CAThulu lies dreaming..
He wrote a last letter to canadians just a few days ago. Mr. Layton knew he wasn't going to survive, but this letter just brought me to tears. I am glad to hear he is having a state funeral. He was a true Canadian right to the end, and despite being so ill fought hard to become the opposition leader in Parlement. I've voted for him several times, and I don't know who can replace Jack in the NDP. This is a serious blow to Canadian politics, guys.