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Raever's Written Work [0 slots available]


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I could have sworn I already had a topic for commissions but I can't find it for the life of me so...

Hey guys, figured I'd take on some writing commissions to feel productive.
You can read my journal post regarding things here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/10217385/
Or simply view the below...

1. Between Neon Fangs - 2k+ words
2. Immortal Comforts - 1k+ words
3. The Rescue - 1k+ words
4. Only Sometimes - 1k+ words
Raver's Writing Commissions

Please submit your requests here: https://forms.gle/YDjyxQqYAfTgDaqDA
Questions & comments welcome below, but requests via form are preferred for organization.​

Price Examples:

--- 500 words ($15.00)
--- 1,500 words ($45.00)
--- 3,000 words ($90.00)

Note: I am willing to do custom word count requests up to 20,000 words. I charge 0.03 ¢ per word.
My pricing is based off of this word price calculator: https://essayscam.org/word-price-calculator/

If you have a specific range you expect your request to be, you may use the above to figure out the general price. If you aren't sure how long you would like your request to be, you may base it off of what length you'd be comfortable reading. Examples of my writing (between 1k - 2k) can be seen below my ToS. Personally, unless you want a short and sweet piece, I recommend at least 750 words in order to get a message across or to flesh out a full scene properly. If you have any questions you're also more than welcome to message me.

Terms of Service:

1. By applying for a slot, you acknowledge that you must be 16+ years for a SFW slot and 18+ years for an NSFW slot. This is non-negotiable. If you say you're eighteen and are proven to be lying, you will be partially refunded (minus a $5.00 fee for wasting my time) and promptly blocked. A beware will also be made regarding you so that other artists know your true age in order to avoid further complications for the community as a whole.

2. The author holds the right to accept or refuse any requests given for any reason. No statement need be made regarding why a request is accepted or turned away. Negotiations regarding a scene I am uncomfortable with can be done on a case by case basis. I'm more than willing to work with a client in order to get their vision off the ground, but only if it isn't explicitly illegal or suspicious. There is a key difference between dark fantasy and deranged - and I do not believe in catering to the latter.

3. Refunds are available if the work remains unfinished/undelivered within 60 days (2 months) of receiving payment. In the case of a story not meeting the word count requested, a partial refund of the missing amount of words (example: if the finished product is missing 10 words, a refund of $1.50 will be provided).

4. Regarding payment, please note that a paypal fee of 3.89% applies to all purchases for the purpose of covering transaction fees. Most of the time artists will just add this onto the price, but I felt providing this information allows clients to know what they're paying for and where their money is going (*ie. the same reason I provided the link to the wordcount price estimator in the form). Moving forward, let's say that you want a full 3,000 word commission; that would add up to $90.00. The paypal fee of 3.89% being added to that would become $93.50. So I would provide the $93.50 as a total for you to pay. If this seems unfair or confusing due to a difference in currency or exchange rates, this can be negotiated upon checkout. Feel free to send me a note regarding this and I'd be happy to discuss it, however, I will not waive this fee. I do apologize.

5. Writing begins after the Commission details are discussed and payment is made. After this, I will deliver a draft of the first quarter (example: a quarter of 3,000 words is 750 words) of the project to the email address you provided via PDF format. This is to ensure Paypal has record of a digital delivery of both the draft and final product. During this draft period, you will have three days to decide on any fixes or changes you'd like to make regarding pacing, dialogue, character, setting, and so forth. After this period, writing will continue with any changes requested - but full changes to scenes/settings/etc. afterwards will not be made.

6. When the product is complete you will receive a full PDF, txt., and Doc. format your convenience. I am willing to make any small corrections as needed for free (grammar, prose, etc.) but any major changes that don't effect the final wordcount beyond 100 words will cost an additional $3.00 in total. Changes that affect wordcount past that or request for further scenes will have a 50% price tax as a fee (example: if you purchased a 3,000 word commission and asked for a change after completion that wound up bringing it up to 3,200 it would cost $27.00 not counting the aforementioned paypal fee of 3.89% - totalling to $28.00). The reason for this high increase isn't due to the price of the added words, but rather 30% of the total commission price due to the work having already been finished. For this reason, it is important to be as detailed as possible with Commission Requests to prevent further unnecessary spending.

7. If uploading or saving any work commissioned from me, you are expected to give credit as it's due. If you do not and I notice, you will be blocked and an artist beware will be made about you so that other artists do not suffer for the same behaviors.

Thank you for reading ~
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Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
Two slots are still available and awaiting their claims!

I am more than willing to write something Chapter related and/or help with Worldbuilding/character design but the pricing on that may vary and will be up for discussion in private due to it relying heavily on what is being requested.