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Free Art: Raffle to build up followers


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www.furaffinity.net: Free Raffle Giveaway!!! by poofasnoof

I'm trying to grow my followers, so I figure I'd offer a free illustration to someone.


1. Watch me here on FA.
2. Follow my Twitter Poofasnoof (@poofasnoof) on Twitter
3. Follow my Instagram John Henceford (@poofasnoof) • Instagram photos and videos
4. Leave a post here saying you did it! www.furaffinity.net: Free Raffle Giveaway!!! by poofasnoof

This Saturday night I'll pick a random number and post the winner here on FA and send you a note.

Rules on giveaway

I'm pretty lenient with what I draw, but keep it simple and tasteful.

No draw an orgy of 50+ characters. Or something with scat, blood, you get the idea.

I also hold the right to refuse any suggestion, but I'm willing to work with you until we find something we both like.

Good luck!