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Free Art: Raffles being held on FA!

I hope this belongs here, if it doesn't, please let me know!

I am hosting a couple raffles on FA.

The first raffle is already underway and the first winner (of 5) has been pulled already. The next winner is pulled on Saturday, October 5th, and then every 5 days after that. It's a free raffle to join and this one does not require you to watch me. It is for an uncoloured sketch headshot, with the option to upgrade it if you win. This raffle can be found here. - www.furaffinity.net: freebie/practice list -- CanadianKitten's Journal

The second raffle is because I hit 100 watchers on FA! There's three winners and they will be pulled in mid-November. This one does require a watch (new watchers welcome!) with a couple ways to get bonus entry numbers as well. The prizes are a free coloured sketched headshot for third place, a free coloured sketched bust for second place, and the choice of either a free coloured sketched thigh-up, or a free coloured and shaded sketched half-body! This raffle can be found here. - www.furaffinity.net: 100 watchers raffle!! by CanadianKitten

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!