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RainFurrest 08: September 26 - 28 SeaTac, WA


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Yeah, i believe it's 35 dollars for all 3 days fri sat and sun.

Im not sure what it is for just 1 day, but I know it's not in a convention center, it's at a hotel. you can find all the info on their web site at www.rainfurrest.com


I only live an hour away, so I should go. But I don't feel like registering ); It's not like I ever go to the panels anyway.


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heh.. pannels are kinda fun if you find a good one. but really it's just fun to go hang out. I might set up a pannel for a con someday, sounds like fun. i just dunno what i would do one of 0.o


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I'm planning on going, though I still need to find someone who needs a roomie. I mean, it wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't just because I live 20 or so minutes away from SeaTac, but it'd definitely be nicer not to have to drive there and back each day.

If there's anyone who's kind of doing an all girl room and looking for another roomie, please contact me. I'm quite, friendly, respectful of space, and not annoying. The only reason why it should be all girls is just so my bf feels more comfortable about me being there alone. :>


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What's BC stand for? XD

But yeah... I'm a little curious of what a furcon is gonna be like :p If I dont make it to this one, I'm DEFINITELY going to that one in San Jose, California in January cuz I'm planning to meet my boyfriend there <3

BC stands for British Columbia, a province in Canada.


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Not going, already attended AFF here in spokane. Plus I am going to California in September.


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i thought about going, but I already went to AFF and I am going to California anyways around that time


I make bills for your thrills
what the hell, my post went twice >.>


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As much as I would love to go, it's all dependent on whether or not I can manage getting a job. -.-; I'll be going with you if I can tho. XD


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RF is getting close! Are you guys excited 8D!?

So I'm going for sure, and I will be getting a dealers table with Savannah Horrocks. Fun stuff!

I also might be suiting (my dragon monster, Nemphyths).... not sure yet <_< I need to get cracking on the costume soon though


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I'l be there. I know I'll be there partially for two days (it all depends on if I get this job I interviewed for or not.) If I get the job, I'll be there the last half of friday, and all day saturday. And if not, all day friday and the last half of saturday.

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Man I can't believe how fast the last couple of months went by, and I'm looking forward to it.


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Klickitat the black bear and Kaleetan the polar bear will be there. And maybe, just maybe, our husky/malamute couple suits will be done by then.

But first, this bear has to visit the Wenatchee Salmon Festival two weeks before RF. ;)