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*Raises a hand and bows*


Greetings, and err, hi everyone, the name's N. I've been a lurker on FA for a while, and took a more active role about three years ago. I'm a writer by trade, and work under the username BH15.

I enjoy wasting time watching youtube vids and deep thoughts about my own meaningless existence. I also like gaming, reading, and occasionally go bowling. I also like to RP in many different genres, though more, ahem, intimate RP stuff I usually prefer to engage in with people I'm familiar and comfortable around.

As a writer I'm a jack of all trades and am able to work with a vast array of genres and themes. I typically write NSFW pieces, but I also enjoy more SFW stuff as well, as I am very fond of heartfelt and "human" pieces, if you catch my meaning. Much of my writing tends to be WG and fat stuff, but I also engage in other themes as well. I also enjoy doing more experimental and... I guess "weird" is the best way to put some of the stuff I do. I like freaky sometimes. *Shrugs*

So, yeah, that's me. Hoi everyone, and I hope to post on these forums from time to time.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hey there, and welcome! Also a writer here, and always nice to meet another writer. Similarly, I've written some more serious stuff, and some more funny, kinky stuff, and some that blends a bit of each. This reminds me: I need to start writing my epic 'invasion of the latex skunks' transformation story, where I lead the skunk army, to victory over the foxes! Among other things : P

Hope ya have fun here, ~Simo


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Heh, thank you all for your kind greetings everyone.

@Simo: So a case of an Invasion of the Latex Bootysnatchers huh?

Yep! Those foxes will be captured and converted...to skunks!


I've been de-batted, oh no!
Welcome to the forums! We provide every reason not to lurk in this town (by force, mainly)!