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Morgan Colonna

New Member
Hello! I'm new to Fur Affinity, but have been meaning to make an account here for awhile! I've been trying to raise money for my best friend to get top surgery as they've been struggling with their gender identity. They mean the world to me and I'm trying to do what I can to help. They don't have the financial means or the familial support so I want to be there for them. My goal is have something to give them for Christmas!

In order to reach my goal I'm opening up fursona commissions and also accepting any donations for the cause:> It's totally ok if you can't donate, but if you wouldn't mind spreading the word. I made a commission website with more details as well as my crowdfunding link!

My friend and I have been furries for a long time and the community has truly changed our lives. I've had trouble reaching an audience on social media, and so I wanted to try here!
Even if you can only give $1 or spread the word that'd mean everything. Thank you for your time!

Commission link-- https://morgancolonna21.wixsite.com/paperpoppy/commission-gallery

Medical fund-- www.plumfund.com: Transforming a Friend's Life

Morgan Colonna

New Member
Here's an example of a fursona sculpt I'm offering as a commission!!


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I hope you can get enough money to help your friend through their tansition. :3