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Random facts about your fursona(s)


The Reverend Blue Moon Bear
Blue almost always has a bottle of Blue Moon beer in his paw. Whenever he is presiding over some religious ceremony, the closer to the end it gets the more antsy he gets, and at the end, he tucks away his ceremony book and, with a flourish, pulls a bottle of Blue Moon from the depths of his religious vestments.

Jacob Bender

Dj jumpsta’s human form
my fursona can bounce on his tail like tigger and also on his butt like experiment 520/ Cannonball from Lilo and Stitch the Series


Cat With A Guitar
Sabby was born blind in her right eye, which is why she wears an eye patch.
Her hair is also not naturally the colors that it is, it's naturally black. She just likes to dye her hair crazy colors.


Gon and Salus are far stronger than a lot of popular characters world wide, but both of them are sensitive... Very sensitive


From out of the rain.
Conor keeps his medals somewhere very deep down in his suitcase and only wears them when he has absolutely no choice, and even then often leaves out the military cross.


Barely containing the madness within...
Revan got his partial red fur and scars (which he wears proudly) from being betrayed and his kindness taken advantage of in the past, his blue eyes represent that no matter what adversities life throws at you, always be kind to others, he never gives up, and always is a loyal vicious defender when it comes to his friends!

Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Blue has a crystal permanently "attached" to his forehead. His species is not one that normally would have a crystal at all, but he does have a crystal in his head.


Nexus is a cyborg who has a mechanical body and an organic heart and brain. When an EMP damages Nexus's electrical power, his biologically enhanced heart has enough energy to keep him running at 50% power efficiency until his electric energy returns, restoring him fully.


Canada's most well dressed collie.
Arthur has a waistcoat that renders him invisible said coat was made by the Norse God's from long ago by taking scales from the world serpent and forging them with the matter that lies in a black hole inside the center of a dying star
This coat will also light up with gold inlays when the wearer is threatened


Daedric Prince of Secrets
Punji is almost a total omnivore and can eat just about anything, ranging from raw meat to small pieces of bark.

He is an extremely picky eater however, and will often refuse even prepared meals if they don't appeal to him.
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Professional Watermelon Farmer
He has never been in a plane or a motor vehicle aside from hopping a train in his vagabond days


aka Cutter Cat
Cutter Cat wears a paw pad ear stud in his left ear.


Professional Retard
Dallgun Tariss lost his lower right leg below the knee during combat on Stonewall. He now uses a biomimetic cyberprosthesis, wired into his nervous system for control and generating power from movement and body heat. Even the Hadeans' advanced medical technologies can't get rid of that phantom pain, though.


Off the bench
Ill just insert mine in for you lovelies.

Ricky sixgun... Sixgun isn't his actual last name. It's Kingston

Arnak... Was once human

Aika... Can't read