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Random Requests Thread


Just a Regular Here
So recently I kinda wanted to change up my fursona, but I have no outline done yet and I kinda just want something to have before a commission gets done, could someone take on the challenge of drawing him?

Gender: Male
Species: Snow Leopard
Base color: Normal Snow Leopard Colors
Design/Spots: Preferably rainbow design of some sort. Don't have one in mind so.. Make one up?
Body Build: Tall, somewhat muscular, yet kinda thin Around 6' ft for a height reference
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Black, Just Kinda Ruffled Up a Bit
Other: Scarf, dont care what the colors are

Doesn't have to be anything spectacular. Thanks in advance.


The Naga Searching for his place in life
Well if anyone does ever get interested Visin would love a bit more art of him.


Ryan the Rockruff

Daniel the wolf
Can you draw my wolf fursona Daniel? He's 6'2. He has brown fur and blue eyes. His attire is a black button up shirt unbottoned, a white shirt underneah, and a pair of blue jeans. Hope this isnt too much.


New Member
requesting Harold + Fluffy from Bunnicula episode "Vampire Rabbit Season"

Absolutely no 34 exists of Fluffy so far as I know. She's voiced by Sumalee Montano who did Arcee in Transformers Prime, Katana in Beware the Batman and also got some video games work as Mera (Justice League Throne of Atlantis) and Mystique (X-Men Destiny)

Harold declares his love for Fluffy and compliments her wet-looking nose. When he first meets her, he tackles her from behind (which has some VERY exploitable skills, for those of you who would rather just edit a screenshot) and they roll in a heap. She then sits on top of him cowgirl straddle style thinking he is a mind-controlled minion of Bunnicula.

Someone took a screenshot of that moment here cookie-lovey.deviantart.com: it doesn't look very Familiar?

Later Harold gets jealous thinking that Fluffy is in love with Bunnicula instead (she's actually trying to kill him) it's quite endearing. The pairing has fans.

Fluffy needs more love from the furry universe. She is amazing.
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Ruby Doomfox

New Member
I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in clothing my lady silver fox, since all I have of her so far is the reference sheet.
She lives in a post-apocalyptic world and should be dressed accordingly :) The only specific piece I'd like is a punk-ish denim vest with patches on it, maybe some goggles. Other than that I'd just love to see what someone comes up with.
Dropbox - Ruby.png
Thanks for the opportunity.


Itsa Crux!
www.furaffinity.net: kisaki roi ref by Marktk sfw
If anyone wants to draw somethin from the exotic category you can draw my crux if you want ^_^ doing anything you want, cute things, silly things, wearing video game outfits, or naughty things -shrugs- I'd love to get more art of my crux though I'm not yet good at drawing myself and i have no money an had none for years now :p


Ye inner crow
Can you draw my wolf fursona Daniel? He's 6'2. He has brown fur and blue eyes. His attire is a black button up shirt unbottoned, a white shirt underneah, and a pair of blue jeans. Hope this isnt too much.

Hey Ryan, hope you still reside in the Land of the Furs now and then, I'll make my version of your fursona. It will take around 2 weeks, I'll try and post updates regularly in the 'scraps' tab of my gallery, the endresult here:
Userpage of skylge -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


New Member

requesting erotica based on the last panel from episode 16 of the webcomic Pepper&Carrot http://www.peppercarrot.com/en/article369/episode-16-the-sage-of-the-mountain

as can be seen at http://www.peppercarrot.com/en/static8/wiki&page=Characters the white cat on the lower-Left is a female Angora named Truffel who belongs to the witch Saffron (ginger on upper-left) and the orange cat on the lower-Right is the webcomic's titular Carrot, a male striped tabby who belongs to the witch Pepper (brunette on upper-right)

They are all bathing in hot springs at the top of the mountain with the Sage, a giant fish, at the behest of their elders, Cayenne and Thyme.

Since they are a male and female cat, I would like for their playful splashing to turn into sexual intercourse (either inside the water or maybe on the mountaintop between the 2 pools) and (not necessary but this would be a fun bonus) to show Pepper and Saffron's hats+eyes peeking over the rim of their hot spring to watch them


My request :
My sona...


... mowing down enemies with his minigun :p


can some one make a 3d model of a ferret for me (standing on its back legs if possible)


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Drunk Sandslash
Just started back here. Would you like to draw my rebooted persona please?

The orginale:

The description of the reboot:

By saying reboot I don't mean doing a remake of the persona, but creating a new character. I am thinking about a female sandslash instead of a male one, which would be WAY less fatter than the original: probably just a flabby belly cause despite being less fatter, she is very chubby.

Still talking about this chubiness, I see my new Sandpancake with very wide hips and being very generous for the breast size, like very very big. And of course, she still binge eating pancakes

Thanks a lot :)


Need to find RPs...
Hi could someone draw my OC in feral form? as i dont have the money to pay due to some ''problems''
My request: Feral wolf form of my OC Atsuma

More Info: His a cool type, badass, cocky in fights, and straight so please not female looking
His fur is mostly black with some blue in it, his belly, chest and neck are white with some blue outer then black outer fur.
he is also built up, like in refs, ( donst matter in feral form)
also his tail is a fluffy wolf tail black with a blue tip. his feet and paws are blue. he also has claws on his paws and feet. His legs/paws are Anthro type ones (donst matter in feral form)
He has a bit of a fluffy neck and a Mohawk type hair

if it helps with Personality for poses and whatnot here is his bio , im thinking just a simple standing pose but im up for whatever you would like to try


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