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Random Requests Thread


Digital Artist
Could anyone do a simple profile picture for me?
Not much can be done with this description.

Even if you've posted earlier in the thread you cannot expect a drive by artist to bother finding it.

I recommend making any request self contained to each post. This includes providing necessary reference and descriptions on said post.

I wouldn't expect many bites if you have anything less than what I mentioned above.

Hope this helps!

Grimm Hund

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I have several characters that still exist only as ideas, but I’d be really grateful if someone could make any of these for me?

From the Star-Blade line of space explorers:
www.furaffinity.net: Lilith Outshine by GrimmHund
(Uniform example if you want, but I will happily take SFW nudes of these characters and dress them up later.)
A male black-footed ferret
A male brown bear
A female green-fur android cat

Medieval Fantasy:
A female grey leopard with gold bands around her wrists and ankles with a gold collar. No chains, no buckles.

A male feline... I have no idea about his fur pattern or colors, but I just know he’s a hacker. Think Watch_Dogs. Whatever ideas for his fur color you think looks good and draw some gear if you really want to.
www.gamecrate.com: Watch Dogs in real life? Here's the tech you'll need

Many Many Many Many Thanks to anyone that does one of these. I can’t draw to save my life.
Interesting phrase...
Picture a Saw trap where there’s another person in the room with you and the twoof you race to draw theother so facial recognition software unlocks your chains...
Alright, thanks again!


dramatic exit
Heyo, anyone interested in doing candy/pastel gore? If so, could you do a full body of my cat character Tide? I made her during that meme but I just loved her design so much I couldn’t get rid of her. References below (the Art was done for me by other people, these pieces aren’t mine, just the character)


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Got Milk?
Can someone draw a coffee cup up with a logo from some refs of mine, please DM if you're willing, I'll provide them there. Tysm.


Got Milk?
If anyone is willing, I'd like to request a unique, aesthetically pleasing, yet simplistic icon to use as a profile picture. It will be used across all sites I'm signed up to, and proper credit will be given.

As for the idea of what I'd like it to be, I'd love a little poly-art icon with the only color being his heterochromatic eyes, his hair, and possibly his septum piercing and horns.

If interested or willing, DM me in a convo.
I'll provide examples of what kind of art I mean, my references, and will answer any questions you might have.

Thank you so much.


Really want some furry nudes of myself. Obviously not going to post references in public, but hmu if you can help me out! Thanks in advance


I'm actually really wanting to draw some demons or monsters with my own catdemon lmao. So I guess I'm requesting characters for me to draw

But since that's not the point of this I'll also add in another one on my mind.
A witchy black cat against a purple sky and vibrant moon behind her. Riding a delivery broomstick with bags of potions or pumpkins or even groceries.

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I would like to have someone draw a half orca and half dragon. I would like to have her hugging Universe.


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This isn't a request for me per say... But... I'd like more people to have a catbee sona! I feel like a lone catbee and I would like to change that! If you want to, please make yourself a catbee sona! Help me have a family! If dutchies can be as popular as they are, why can't catbees? :)


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Anyone like the show The Orville? If so, I saw a very cool horse-like creature called an Eevek on the episode "Home." Can anyone here draw the Eevek please? I have a screenshot of the Eevek but I'm not clear whether it's okay to attach it here.


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Can someone draw my bear? She's a Kodiak bear, chunky, slutty, and punk. She's 18, 5'4 235lbs Chubby and curvy (not fat) her bust is 34 DDs and her hips and postierior should be similar, also please do not give her a thin waist, I'd like her chunk and curves to be realistic. If your interested drop me a pm.

I... What? I don't understand how you envision that she's that heavy and short but not fat and also realistic in shape. Is she muscular? Serious question.