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Random Requests Thread


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I got this dude not too long ago and I really need some nice, fullbody art of him for his toyhouse profile. If somebody would be kind enough to do that, thank you!
He's a trans male, and a sort of dog/opposum crossbreed.


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Could someone possibly do my avatar riding a Yoshi in a Super Mario Galaxy style? Here's two references.
Super_Mario-58283c77-ec10-4c0a-8866-e2cd825801f2.jpg 1585449004.aldmeridominionkhajiit_screenshot_2020-03-28_at_10_14_31_pm.jpg remove the Luma (star) and as for Yoshi, I'd prefer green or red.


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Would love to see someone trying out drawing a younger version of Luong Lao Shi from American Dragon: Jake Long ^^


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- Draw a scene from Harry Potter, but all characters as chickens. xD
(Something I would prob do someday, but has to many dumb ideas for now).

- Draw your pets as humanoids depending on their personality.

- Look at your kitchen table, and draw the obejcts as characters fighting. (Have done that before, it was weird, but got a new OC).


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Aw man I wanna draw that squirrel, but I suck at drawing...

A piece of art based on the phrase "Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell." Or one of the two things mentioned in that phrase. :3

I thought this was a cool idea and drew this. :) It's not amazing or anything but I might draw it on my iPad maybe


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Dummy thicc alien saying,
"I'm trying to abduct, but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my ass keeps waking the human..."
Extra points for drawing butt


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Hello FA Forums! Just a humble dog that is also secretly a dragon. I’ve been very attached to my Tylos lately and I’m very interested in offering him as inspiration!

Here is a link to my ref of Tylos:https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38568924

He’s an alligator/heron dragon that lives on the coast of tropical waters. He’s also a subspecies of storm dragon, so his affinity for rain and thunder is strong.
Thank you so much if you decide to draw him!


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Looking to fill my gallery with examples so I took a try at it! This one took a me a while but they were a fun character to draw

not sure why they look annoyed, seems their sweater was too big lol


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Hey there I just finished watching Teen Titans (2003) and wanted to do some sexy and kinky art of Madam Rouge but can't come up with anything so if you have any ideas feel free to hit me up


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Anyone willing to draw just a plain old reindeer gal? She would just be a classic reindeer nothing special.

Paws the Gryphon

*Technically* an Opinicus
I'm kind of hung up on the idea of Paws being stuck in a toy store pleading (ahem, SFW!) for someone to take her hoooome and free her from this 'awful place' (where she's actually treated like royalty by the owners... mostly out of fear she'll *eat everything there* or eventually become too big to fit out the doo... oh, wait, bit too late for that). :D