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Random Requests Thread


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I had an idea for a character I want to make my fursona that is a mix of 3 different animals, a fox, owl and a deer. I am new to the fandom and i am not so good at drawing and was wondering if anyone would like to give it a try. I will give you a big hug if you want to do it for me. Send me a message if you are interested and i can send you some pictures of what i want him to look like. Thank you in advance. ^^


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My two Pokemon OCs please ^^
Mewie the Mew (female) and Mewtwo Psycat (male) doing whatever or just posing together, they are a couple.


467 sin título_20220407122812.jpeg

You can see more in my devianart (mew2psycat) or my FurAffinity (mewpsycat)
Thanks ^^

I also accept requests, so it can be an art trade ;) bye ^^


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Finn ^w^

Femboy Sharky stoopid-head
Im not very good at art, but wanted to finally make me a fursona
Here is my Lanternshark sona, Colby.
-The dark parts on his body are navy blue.
-I prefer if the stripes on his socks were purple, but do whatever color looks best. His sleeves aren't meant to be that long but I can't draw hands soooo maybe shorten sleeves and draw fingerless gloves the same as socks.
-his hair is dark brown and curly, and all flows down. His eyes are brown as well.
-Maybe shorten his skirt, and make it black.
-for the pose or whatever, fo what you like or like that one famous fleurfurr drawing. You know the one I'm talking about.
Other than that, have fun!


Nightmare Hunter
How about my gammamon Tracy? If you're interested in doing something NSFW or are okay with oviposition dm me, otherwise I'm fine with him just being cute.


Slug Love
My random request is to build my new OC that will be an alien/slug Female.

As I have yet to decide the design (will do later) this random request is pretty much "Draw it however you wish" so I can get some "random" inspiration and ideas.

My current idea in mind would be something of the design like from this artist on FA Gallery:

If you are interested let me know ♥


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I have an idea for a story premise: There is someone who is immortal. Due to psychological trauma from before they got their immortality, they have too much depression and post-traumatic stress to enjoy it at all. Now, even thousands of years later, their mental state has not improved even slightly.


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@Finn ^w^ I decided to make the outfit all purple because I think it goes better with navy blue. I also changed the tail shape to be more in line with what I'm seeing in pictures of actual lanternsharks, I hope that's okay.

@Fcomega121 is the chef!


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