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Random tales from GTA IV


I was speeding toward a friend of mine in multiplayer. I see a rocket propelled grenade get fired at me, and dive out. The rocket hits the car, setting it on fire, it hits hi, setting him on fire, then the car exploded.

I took no damage at all. was great.

I also was able to hover my helicopter through the spider-web column thing and fly out safely, while my two passengers were getting more then a little ancy.

And lastly, I fail @ missions. Not only did I end the date's game early, I accidentally punched her. Didn't go so hot.

What about you all, whatcha got in this big old sandbox of opportunities?
On the mission where you chase the guy up the building and across the roofs I missed one of the jumps. Somehow I managed to roll between several outcroppings and survive the 84 ft. drop

Shadow Wolf

Um, I was going really fast on one of the bridges and at the end of it was a sharp curve to the right and I hit a car and flipped a shit load of times and when I finally stopped I scored a 30G achievement award for flipping my car.
Those physics where the driver tries to reclaim his ride and starts dragging on the side.

Took a right turn while someone was crossing the street and the guy hanging on my door pretty much clothes lined him.



Bokra, come out to pla-ay
Hammered in some cheats and spawned a helicopter and hopped on the roof of the tallest building in the first island ('24 Hours' billboards or something?). Leapt off the roof just to watch him fall but managed to wedge myself between a wall and bench upon landing and glitched the game, I only lost a quarter health.
So I spawned a FBI Buffalo car, hopped in and hammered down the road. Driving on the footpath to dodge some traffic and I hit a concrete pole, throwing Niko out of the window and flying across the Intersection. A bike was crossing it and Niko cleanly clipped the guy off of his bike. We bounce along the road and hit a wall. Niko picks himself up and nonchalantly walks off taking the bike.
Speeding down the road I ram into the back of a Patriot and skid down the road again. Somehow Niko still picks himself up. I start jogging to a Hotdog man and a Taxi takes a wide turn knocking into a streetlight and the thing falls on me, knocking me down and wang my head on the curb, dying.

Niko can survive multiple crashes and leap off buildings but even he can't survive the mighty Curb Stomp.
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I was driving down the road in my new ride and got distracted for a moment and hit a light pole. The light pole fell down and actually hit a police officer on the other side of the road square in the head, cartoon style. I couldn't help but laugh out load at that. Oddly enough, I didn't get any star rating.
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