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Rank Zodiac Signs!

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought
I saw someone rank zodiac signs and it made me want to do a chart myself..

Now, some honest disclaimers:

1. My Rankings do Not apply to Every Individual Person who is that zodiac sign. I'd say that it applies to about 75% of people I've met and it's solely from My experience..Once again, each rank does not apply to Everyone, at all.

I actually have some good friends who are signs I didn't rank too high..

2. I don't whole-heartedly believe in zodiac signs. I see them as a "for fun" kind of thing, theoretically..

So I have an image ranking of mine, here we go..


You can explain why you ranked them the way ya did. :3

I, for one, will not..

Btw, does anyone have the same issue as me - where the females of one sign are Way different than the males of the same sign..?


mane diva
1. Pisces (Most of them I know are soft and kindhearted people what I deeply admire)
2. Leo (because mew)
3. Libra (I like their swag but not their indecisiveness)
4. Scorpio (I admire their intuition, but they are verry moody and vindictive sometimes)
5. Aquarious (They are highly intelligent and have good social skills, but sometimes are a bit sluggish)
6. Cancer (Never speaks up about their true feelings, and tend to get passive agressive over time)
7. Capricorn (They are to rash for my taste and charge ahead without thinking their plans through.)
8. Gemini (I just hate people that change their stance towars things every few days)
9. Virgo (Over rational pedants)
10. Aries (bossy and narrow minded)
12. Taurus (Most of the male Tauruses I got to know were stubborn, materialistic and self-opinionated. My brother was a Taurus. And our relationship was as harmonious as that of Cain and Able)

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought