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Late Healer Ferret
EDIT: Things have been better now. Turns out my wife had plenty of savings and it's all taken care of. Sorry about the disaster of a mental state I was in here.

So I just came off a fabulous honeymoon vacation. Lots of relaxing lots of getting super sunburned. Lots of time with my new wife and good foods.

Only to be curbstomped by work even before I got in.

My schedule is all over the place, after having agreed before I left and promised to have something more consistent. It’s all over the place for me and the other person given the same deal. And I’m hearing it’s the same old song and dance with the managers being wishy washy and talking behind associates backs.

They’ve hired new people (yay) but have taken out almost all my experienced people from my department so when I came in today it was a metaphorical fire. Things are in the wrong places, there’s reminders all over for nonsense, things are broken and dirty. When I ask my manager why my schedule is insane she just went “welcome back” as if that was an answer. Then I look at my “punches” I see that she redeemed my sick time with my vacation time so now I can’t take sick leave for the rest of the year. I told her repetitively before I left dont use anything but vacation on the request form. But here I am and it’s irreversible.

I’m fine with the job itself. I just hate all the manager crap and the fact I can’t even leave for a weekend without things going to hell, so when I was gone for two weeks? It’s like Satan threw a bonfire party. (Above is just a quick glaze I could go on for ages my list of grievances.)

Here’s the kicker.

I’m the only full time associate that’s not a manager in a multinational company where there are only 23 people total with my position. (Last I checked) so if I transferred I’d have to go to a part time. And because the store I’m at is so big...transferring would mean less pay too.

It would also mean I’d lose my benefits. I get health, vision, dental, and car insurance through work. And it’s all cheaper than I can get on my own...my wife totaled my car last year plus her other accidents? My insurance is $400 a month...and this was the cheapest I could find and haggle for.

My rent is already tiny for where I live. I split it with my wife so I pay $300 for my tiny little side of a duplex.

I have the cheapest internet I can with the cheapest cell phone plan I can get for what I need it for. (Long distance relatives, gps because I suck with directions) and my credit card bill is not even $50 a month and I try to only use it in emergencies so I can pay it up.

That being said, I’m lucky to get $150 a week after my benefits come out, and I’m lucky to have $40 spare all month—and that’s if I don’t need to take some lyfts. (I have one car and two people that need it. Sometimes I don’t have a ride home or to work for 4-6 hours)

So I cannot “just save a few months worth of living and quit!!” I cannot “just quit!!” And I cannot “just find another job!!” I have been trying to get any job that will pay what I need and even tried two for a bit before I got full time here. Scheduling isn’t working.

Sure I have pets. But their collective cost is only about $100 every 4 months. Unless I need a vet visit but then I work with the vet and they only ever charge me what they HAVE to.

I don’t know what to do. I’m always so tired and cranky and getting sick but can’t afford to even USE my damned insurance because hell if I can afford my copay. I mean my wife would pay once in awhile but even with her full time waitressing and having fewer bills (she pays other half rent and utilities) it’s not like she can support me. I busted my ass to get full time so I could afford all my bills. We even went without internet for four months. But it’s hard to job search without it so I found what I could squeeze.

Now my clothes dryer has been busted for half a year and we’ve just gotten the money to replace it thanks to the money we got from the wedding. (And before you comment on that, her parents paid for it all and for us to have a vacation. We didn’t even use half what was left “for spending money” so we could get the fixes we needed instead. And honestly, we both needed some time away.)

This is mostly a vent thread, but if you have ANY suggestions, I’m all ears.
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Late Healer Ferret
Thanks buddy. The plan right now is to try and slog through the rest of the year and at tax time use that refund to set up our shop at the local flea market. With any luck we can get stable enough income from that we both can knock down to part time!

And I’m going to be opening art coms to try and get a: relax time because I like doing it b: spare money towards my “getting the hell out of here” goal.


Cyberpunk musta Susi
Well, shit. Sounds a bit like a "Fucked if I do, fucked if I don't" situation. Sounds like money is the main issue, so I will give some advice on that front if applicable.

- Get your economy organized, and make proper plans with your wife.
- Find other sources of income if possible. Perhaps look on the internet? Next to being commissioned from art, of course.
- Reel in expenditures and have full control over it, but not at the expense of your own health. Go more quantity over quality in terms of food?
- Work efficiently/smart. Working hard doesn't always pay off and you may end up wasting time and energy. Find ways to reduce time spent and better ways to increase speed in general, but don't cut corners. Cutting corners can have dire effects for you and the company you work at.
- Sucker up a little to your boss, even if you may not like it. Your well-being, health and economy should come first. I don't like the idea of it either, but sometimes you have to sucker up a little in order to make things easier for yourself.

Of course, you may already be doing all of these and more, so feel free to disregard if you want.

I don't know much about your situation other than what you tell me, so I can only give that much in terms of advice.

Regardless. I wish you luck, love, and hope things work out. :)