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Rate my photos?

Good, Bad, decent?

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Well over a few years, ive taken a few of what i like to call good photographs of various things, including animals, and many things in nature,

below are a few links to some of my photos, id love to hear what you think

Negative and positive feed back is welcome, its better then none at all ahaha ;)


You certainly got the lenses, and some good angles, my only issue is that for the nature photos - The time of day isn't right. Like the last two, they're bland, because the lighting is flat and boring. The owl, is obviously difficult, but for stationary things, I'd choose another day, or wait a few hours. Almost all the cat ones have the right lighting, a bit too close in general, but pretty good to me :v
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I am GoatMystic
lookin' pretty good

"Orange and garfield", is sweet, but it feel like it could use a little more contrast.
"CeeDee" love it, perspective, attitude everything, good job.
"Ice Crystals in river", awsome subject, could you have gotten closer?
"owl" is nice and intesting but the color seems a bit flat.


Fluffy as a shaggy carpet
Well ..

you DO seem to have good material and all.

But these photos were kinda meh.
They're only slightly above the average-joe level.

Try to takes pictures of things that are have texture and great unusual lighting.

And try avoiding clichés like cats on window borders and clouds in the sky over a lake , they are SO overdone.


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I would say above average, but not by much... They have potential, but they are all pictures "of" things, and are not stand alone works. Everything is particularly centered which gives a good balance but makes them seem bland and uneventful, there is almost no visual tension, and there is almost no work done with any lenses or lighting features.

A good start but practice makes perfect. The average photographer takes hundreds of photos of something and often comes out without any keepers. Sorry my critique was a little on the course side ^^;