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Rate the profile picture above you


Alignment: Chaotic Stupid
Aside from just being a striking color, the art is nicely done and the character design looks good. 10

Paws the Opinicus

*Not technically* a Gryphon!
Simply beat 3 parts smug, 2 tbsp. granulated sugar, 8/10 profile pictures ratings, diced, and broil on high heat for three minutes. Add scenery to taste. :D


At first glance reminded me of a more friendly looking version of the great owl from The Secret of NIMH 8/10


The rogue borf (◡‿◡✿)
8 out of 10. Need to know what hair product you’re using for that majestic mane. And bonus points for an exceptionally cute smile

Ringo the Wolf

A lone wolf.
I actually like horses, and your profile picture, uhm... Not gonna say anything, just 10/10 ~w~


Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
Mmmph. . .you're wolf. . .with a lot going on. . . I say you're a good 8/10 Sir Ringo. :3


Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
Oh, well hello there Delta if you don't mind me calling that, and thank you for thinking I am pretty. ^^ I can see you have a very impressive mane, and I am all about that. So, for that ran up about 7 already now smile seem nice enough. To give 2 points at a 9. . . . Oh, jeez I'm sorry Ringo. (>.<; ) but on the plus side I did kinda wanted to play around your hair if that means anything. . .xD
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Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
Fair enough lol sorry about your eyes Raever. ^^; (and whoever else eyes I may have hurt.)
I am a fan of chaotic neutral types, there is some human out there a lord I believe he seems to enjoy cheese a lot I support his choices.
You look to have nice snowy fur we could even lose you out here in the snow. If it wasn't for your horns that is that. . .thought you do look like you could hold your own in battle. I give you good 8 cookies out of 10 mostly because I ate the other 2. . .sorry.


Snake awakens
Subject is way off-center and that's just unacceptable. 5/10


“D a t t e b a y o”
Good artwork
Forced perspective hurts my eyes


Rule Breaker
I like the mixture of looking slightly surreal and slightly deranged. I also like the eye being covered by the hair.