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Rate The Song Above You!


it smells like dust and moon light
The delicate equilibrium of this thread has been violated...

We must restore order! D:

Rating on whatever song was last posted forthcoming.

6/10 Some bits were a little annoying, but overall I liked it.

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I enjoyed some parts but really, i just don't like linkin park.



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Harley:8/10 - Can they make a bad song?

GTF: 6.5/10 - Good intro but I kind of got towards the end.

It's Christmas.

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10/10, timeless awesome.


Because Joe Satriani.


7/10 I like music like that that mixes rock and techno but it was a bit repetitive and there were no vocals. But it sounds like it'd make good videogame music.


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Chris Clark time, just because of that song.



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5/10,seemed like background music in a B video game
2/10: Boring guitar, awful autotuned vocals and repetive as fuck. The art style sucks too. I don't mind repetition if the style being repeated is good, but that just sucked.

Artist: A Perfect Circle
Track: Passive
Album: eMOTIVe
Genre: Alternative Rock/Progressive Rock



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It was 'aight.

Artist: Botch
Song: Transitions from Personal to Object
Album: We are the Romans
Genre: Mathcore

7/10: Is alright for background music

Artist: Ashstar Command
Track: Deadman's Gun
Album: Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack

7/10: Good. I liked the vocals.

Artist: Interpol
Song: Evil
Album: Antics
Genre: Post Punk/Rock


I remember this. The song is great and i like the video even better.