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Rate The Song Above You!

Judge Spear

Well-Known Member
6/10 Classy, but this sort of thing doesn't quite grip me like...



Shepherd of Fire
5/10. Ain't got nothin' on Mute City

To think Brian Wilson composed this masterpiece at such a young age, timeless album. 10/10

Judge Spear

Well-Known Member
6/10 Gets mega points for the creative ass video, but it's too dreary for me. :c



Shepherd of Fire
6.5/10, but reminds me a lot of Z-Fero


Dire Newt

Avatar by Zenia
10/10 because it is by far the best start-up music to any game console.



So Graceful and Phallic
6.5/10, it's alright. I definitely prefer it over the original.


Sioras F. Nightfire

Certified psychopath
7/10. Reminds me of something Primus would do.


Yeah, all they had was the live version.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Kamelot is pretty good, but they do have better songs 8/10



Otter Missionary
Not the kind of stuff I listen too, but it was fine. 6/10.