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Rate The Song Above You!


Groovy stuff 8/10



(isaac cohen )epsilon
id give a 7/10 but its mainly because of the lyrics



you are me, and i am you
very energetic i like it 10/10!



It is okay, kinda generic. 6/10



Active Member
Whoa; today was actually the first time I watched 'Young Guns'; small world...

Anyway, the song was pretty good, but I usually can't get into the groove of rap, so 4/10.



Don't know what else to say besides 8/10

Now for one of my surprise favorite songs of this year!


Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Animals as Leaders- Thoroughly at home
This was actually the first time I clicked on a AaL song.
Surprisingly good, thanks for introducing me to this.
I guess nudity isn't bad if you photoshop the nipples away :V
Extra rating 9/10

@Hewge's vid
I like her voice. The song itself reminds me of Florence & The machine and Of monsters and men



6150 rpm and spinning.
7/10: Not my taste in music, but not inherently bad.

I may be gay, but hell if I wouldn't bend my tastes for 80s Annie Lennox.

And now as a bonus, a study in the creepy cool effects of under cranking. Missionary Man.


Chill as anything 9/10

This next song means more to me than anything else.



6150 rpm and spinning.
6/10: To sparse for my tastes.

And now for some 80's style love. Kavinsky is epic.


Matt Conner

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7/10, while I'm not that big into iron maiden, an old school metalhead friend of mine taught me to appreciate them, among others.

You all have probably never heard of firewater, but every time I listen to em they climb just a little higher onto my list of all time favorite bands ever <3

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you are me, and i am you
7/10 well done! not my style but its not bad.

yeeeeah i renember listening to this more than a year ago! recently rediscovered it and though id chug it here:



7/10 pretty cool



you are me, and i am you
dafuq? not my stuf but its ok 6/10



6150 rpm and spinning.
9/10: Bombastic and rough, I like it.

So there's some video game music. Now how about some music inspired BY a videogame. To quote TV tropes, "Give a listen to "Reignite", based on some of the most iconic themes from the first and third games. Manly Tears and Heroic Resolve will soon follow.".



I love Nightwish so much 10/10

Sorry this was the best vid of this track I could find:
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6150 rpm and spinning.
5/10: The beat isn't bad. The rest of it? Just, eh. No thanks.

Yes, I know I just posted this in another thread, but it's epic enough to go here as well. Gojira's Vacuity.