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Rate The Song Above You!


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Whoa, that's weird.. but in a good way



I'd give this song a 7/10. Has a good beat to it, but not really something I would fit in a playlist.

9/10 would listen again
Sounds like an awesome track for dance classes or exercise routines. Very upbeat and fun!



8/10 Very nice, sounds like a nice relaxing coffee house track =]..Time for something more upbeat, let me turn you out.

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pretty funny and catchy


Worth Every Damn Penny
That's a bit better , 8/10 bud.

(Sorry, its a trailer park boys saying). Don't be a grey cloud, when there's none in the sky. I've seen B. Tallent up here before here, so here's this:


Is it sacrilege to ask for double or nothing? What kind of hell could I live in, if it was, anyway? I'm a gamblin' man, and I can roll those bones with either hand.

Therefore, here's the inspiration for Heith Ledger's joker impersonation, thanks to Tom Waits, a presentation that lives on forever.



6150 rpm and spinning.
1st song 8/10: You can never go wrong with Billy.
2nd song 1/10: Sorry, but I was bored. So, painfully, bored. -_-

Alright, now for mine toss in here! The lone exception to my "can't spell crap without rap" musical world view, it's Eminem's Rap God. How, the bloody fucking hell is this man still this good. @.@



More Metal Than You !!!
We'll go with a /10 just because American classic.

This is the song I chose as my fursona's "theme song", both because it portrays his life situation and state of mind quite well. Plus, I have a deep personal connection to this song, and it's a ton of fun to play, and the string bit at the end just pulls at my heart strings because I learned theory on a cello.



The wettest wolf
I dont do the whole scream/hard metal thing so... 3/10

I feel like there is a lack of country so...



you are me, and i am you
7/10 i love my country music! though there are some better ones, but this one is not bad ;3

i think there is a suspicious lack of shantys up in here! let me fix that...



Spriggan Matron
Wow, that's really awesome! I love when video games have good music! 9/10

Here's an incredible guitar cover (pretty much exactly the same as the original, just wanted to share this kickass girl with the world) of a song I can safely say I want played at my funeral, and hell, maybe even my wedding.


Though I'm not a fan of metal, that song sounds very nice , and I like the simplicity of just the two instruments! 8/10!

And now, here's a song from an alternative/indie band's album that's releasing on the 10th: