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Rate The Song Above You!

Xeras'na Bladewing

Guardian of the Twilight Realm
Not what I usually listen to, but it's not bad at all.




mark ass trick
railing liiine after liiine after liiiine
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3/10 - it's nothing against the individual song. the genre is simply too hardcore for me

I'd recommend starting at 1:25



8/10...Real majestic sounding, almost like something that would be used in a trailer of some sort.



Bringin' sexy back~
I wasn't too fond of this song before and I haven't really gotten fond of it now. There's just not much going to it. Very little melody, bland lyrics and a lackluster solo. Maybe it was amazing, but it hasn't aged well. Sorry. :/



Spriggan Matron
2/10 because there are some parts I liked but for the most part I can't stand that kind of music, it's only redeeming qualities were the guitar and and the interesting vocals (I think?) around 2:10 or so. Too much electronic computer generated everything for me.

Now--how 'bout some Vandals?


Crazy people are me
oh sorry i rated my own song :/ my rating is 4/10. not heavy enough for me


8/10 Only thing I see a problem with is the vocalist sounds kinda off. But, that doesn't matter too much to me when I hear the insane guitar and bass riffs that it opens up with and in the chorus. This song is overall pretty badass.

Now for a little bit of Ramones inspired punk rock.


mark ass trick
8/10 I listened to a lot of screeching weasel in highschool, but you posted a weak album.


So Graceful and Phallic
Dead thread. Anyway 5/10, it was alright, but I'm picky about metal.


the actual song starts around :55.


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10/10, I wish I still had the VHS of 'This Is Spinal Tap' with that video at the beginning XD

Pretty solid, but I don't think the vocals were angry enough. 7.5/10

A word of caution, the intro and outro of this video are annoying and a lot louder than the song itself.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
Pantera for me is unadulterated nostalgia. They were a proper mixture of metal and acoustic music that sort of has elements of folk ballads to me.

If anyone is interested in this, it is possibly one of the greatest music videos for one of the best songs in the genre of Witch house.