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Rate The Song Above You!

5/10 I am not a big fan of electronic music and this piece in particular felt like the different parts of the song did not fit together.



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6/10 I would have liked it more back in the day when I was new to the genre, but everything here seems so derivative. It's not bad, just nothing really fresh.

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5/10. It was okay, but the melody was a bit to abstract for my liking.



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8/10 This tickled my hard rock fancy. I'm feeling a Breaking Benjamin / Godsmack vibe.


(more Chevelle, because I'm just in love with this band lately)


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7/10 good but the drums don't fit the style and the mix lacks a lot of depth



AC/DC is some classic classic rock. I first heard this song in the movie School of Rock. Only recently did I find out who originally played the tune. 10/10



Ooh, I actually really liked that. 10/10. It has a fun 80's vibe and nice beat.

6/10 good ending and beginning, but it probably could have just cut out two minutes from the middle.



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5/10. I can't say I'm too well versed in modern rock, but I didn't care much for the vocalist.



It's only in the past few years that I've been working harder to stay on top of my prog-rock game. Yes will always be one of my favorites of the genre, but there are tons of underrated gems like this one sprinkled through the mid to late 70s. Until today, I didn't know Phil Collins was in another band besides Genesis, so thank you for sharing this fun jam. 9/10



7/10 the song is very relaxing, i like jazz a bit


Dont get distracted because its gospel


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I hate hate hate fucking growling in music. Nothing makes me want to turn a song off faster then putting in that death growling or just screaming into a mike. Which is a shame because some many metal bands that otherwise make music I would thoroughly enjoy ruin it with these terrible excuse for vocals. 1/10



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Hmmm... French canadian typical music.... Did you tried something here? Because it worked. I really liked it. 8/10.

Now, I want to show you an music artist I've found by looking at Duke's videos, A.K.A thatdancingdog.


The song takes itself too seriously while offering little in the way of complexity or variation. Simple riffs only work with passion behind them, and this bland nu-metal angst doesn't count inspire me. (Send The Pain Below continues to be their best song by far)



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I'm not a big fan of those guitar riffs, but I liked the song on general. 7/10



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Nice kind of retro-punk feeling, but with a metal edge as well. I really liked it.



Rocking tune, and the fact its not in English makes it cooler 7/10