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Rate The Song Above You!


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Classic music? Yuss! 9/10



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I like that cover of the song much better then the original. I don't think any one here will be surprised that I first heard it from Tirrel's video. 7/10



They look goofy like they're having a lot of fun but the music isn't as memorable. 4/10



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Reminds me of music I used to listen to in college I really like it! 8.2/10


Logan Who

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well, that was... interesting?
i suppose its more of an art piece instead of "normal" music, but the weird dissonant clicking noise throughout the entire song did not help either. it was so odd and out of place/destroying the vibe that i double checked if my speakers were broken.

to me, checking if the speakers are broken does not constitute for "good music".... sorry, but that's a 1/10


edit: just now realized that this song is oddly fitting right now, seeing as the bombings were pretty much exactly 70 years ago... damn.


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Really catchy. 8/10

[video=youtube;EJojO8gNunI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJojO8gNunI&list=PLpqgxl3FT2_flxgaZJE2VW6F XoNZ6AydZ&index=3[/video]


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Not really the kind of music I'd listen to, but it's still a pretty cool song. 6/10



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Wow, that was awesome! Such a talented person with a obvious ear for music! 9/10!
I guess I should post something equally impressive and jaw dropping.....
nah, Ill go for short and creepy!


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That was good actually. The video creeped me out, though. 7/10

This song is stuck in my head since I woke up



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That's pretty slow :p
I loved it. 8/10

Here is Pheonix's favorite artist.


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It just seemed very forgettable. Nothing particularly notable at all 5/10

I don't really like any of their other music but I absolutely love this song


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I enjoyed listening to that one. 9/10



Rocks well enough 6/10



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Nice and smooth. Good vocals and a nice feel to the instrumentals. It had a nice, bittersweet sadness to it.
Please try to ignore that it's FNAF related. This guy has some real talent. Well, in my opinion anyway.


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That was alright, not really my cup of tea though. 6/10

Another song from my favorite artist
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mark ass trick
it's ok, I've heard it so many times I'm sick of it though.