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Rather a question


New Member
Hello there.
Sorry if this is the wrong corner for that. I am absolutely new to the forums. Well, let's start with the question.

I have an old, old account on Furaffinity named "Ulknudel". But I forgot the mail address and the password. Is there any way I still can login? I would like to enable my account and such. I can tell my birthday and what images I got on this account (a trade and a freebie).

Or is it all hopeless and I have to make a new account?


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
I'd recommend contacting the support desk via an email, or reaching out on Twitter. However I'm uncertain as to how responsive those methods might be. Account recovery is usually a simple matter of sending a password reset to the user's new email address, yet as I'm not a staff member of FA I don't know what FA does as far as manual account recovery.

If you can get ahold of Staff and have them send a password reset email to the new email address you have access to, and possibly prove you're the owner of the account, then there is hope.


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Try emailing accounts @ furaffinity . net
I don’t know if that address is still in use, but it used to be how this type of issue was handled, so it’s worth a try.