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Re-introduction to the forums? :3


Hey there.
When I first joined FA, I also registered an account here and was very active.
However that was over a year ago now, and I haven't posted much of anything lately around here. I've decided to become an active member of the forums again! =3

I'll introduce myself;
I'm Timi, or Jackie. Whichever you prefer to call me is fine.
I love to talk to people on MSN, despite me being a little awkward at first >_>;;
Feel free to add me; unicorn-parade@hotmail.com.
I also have facebook and recently decided that I'm open to adding furries. =3

Now a little about me.. I'll copy/paste from my FA profile
Name: Timi Kay
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8.8"
Weight: 103 lbs.
(Fursona) Species: Dog [breed: border collie] [ refsheet; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4114064/ ]

An additional few things you should know:
-I love you
-I want to be your best friend
-My favorite color is all of them
-Unicorns are splendid creatures
-If you draw me giftart I will praise the ground on which you walk
-I don't do online sexual RP so don't give me any of that yiffy murry purry crap.
I play the ukulele, I don't wear shoes, I have heterochromia, I'm the cuddliest person ever but much too shy to ask people for affection, I love brightass colours and anything japanese, I'm vegetarian, I love adventure time, I have a penguin-shaped scar, and I love dark humour.
Most of the time, I'm a super happy and bubbly and friendly person.

That was pretty damn long, but it's all you need to know xP

unicorns. rainbows. furries. facebook.com/timijackie. msn= unicorn-parade@hotmail.com.