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Going big or going home, I have certain goals to reach before the end of the summer. Now with July half over, I have a couple of weeks left until August. Around the first/second week of august will be my last days of summer vacation before attending the fall semester courses somewhere after the 13th.

I want to do something to make summer 2018 memories worth holding. And so, I am planning on commissioning a couple of my favorite artists I watch on FA for a hobby/project of mine. Unfortunately, the people I wish to commission have high prices. Thus, I need to earn as much $ as possible. And so, I'm gonna pull out the stops and re-open my top 10 deals in hopes of doing so.

Click below for further information.
www.furaffinity.net: REMINDER!!! Slots Still Open until August by Twiphase3468

p.s. if you like to see more examples of my artwork outside of my gallery, here is a link to my stash containing both online and offline sketches to show how far I've been improving from an amateur to someone who is good enough maybe.
Sta.sh Uploads 775

I can only hope this lessens the hesitation for somebody, anybody, to hire me. (^w^)