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Re-Usable Grocery Bags


Since Wal-Mart is basically a gathering place of rednecks who never bathe, I do my grocery shopping at Aldi. You have to buy the bags for 10 cents but they're large and durable enough to use for numerous things, though they don't let you carry your own bags back into the store.

I also spend much less on food, I can buy better foods, and don't have to put up with 20 instances of "kid screaming because he wants to buy a toy, and his parents yelling at him". If someone isn't willing to buy their kid a toy, they should not take their kid to the store to look at toys!


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I use plastic bags. After I come home from the grocery store I put all the plastic bags in a cupboard(why do so many people do this?)and use theme to take my plastic recycling. I have to walk down the block to the dumpster and recycling cans so it makes things easier for me. Hey I may use plastic bags but at least I recycle them unlike most.


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The reusable bags at Walmart are dirt cheap and are actually roomier than the plastic ones you usually get. Only problems are that yeah, cashiers can't tell if you've already paid for it, and also I tend to forget I have them in the car and walk into the store without em.

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Since the Wal*Mart bag program is still kinda new, cashier turn over, and the fact that most Americans aren't even use to the idea of reusable yet, it's one of those things that's going to take time for the cashiers to get use to, along with the customers. I have about 7 cloth bags I take with me everything I shop. All the greeters know me and the cashiers that have been there the longest all know my "I'll bag it" routine. It actually ups their IPH, so they let me bag away.

And, it may sound corny, but if enough people call 1-800-walmart and demand a credit return for the bags they bring back, they just may institute it. They've done quite a bit at the customer's requests. They make a lot of money on their internal recycling program, even the plastic bags that are brought back for recycling in store. I know that the photolab makes $.25 per camera from the disposable cameras when turned into Kodak. It literally pays at Wal*Mart to recycle. They could probably afford to give something back.