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Reading Terry Pratchett for the Book reading contest at college

At the moment a book I am reading and Enjoying is Terry Pratchett Night Watch and if you have not read it yet you should it is funny. :D
and :confused: yeah...

It has your basic terry pratchett humore and more for example if I can remeber it "Sometimes a man gets these urges. For a woman to sew up his socks"

That was classic
Another thing that this book has that dose not stay it's welcome is the a... er... um...'s
I love it. It is what makes Terry Pratchett's books down to earth except for the wizzards and dwarfs and magic:p
They have non of this dramatic speaking and the charecter never stumbles on his line. Yupe they may have dramatic speaking but at least it is not the sterio typical everyone knows what they are saying type thing.

That is Night Watch what do you think of it?o_O
Is they any other Terry Pratchett book you have read?:confused:
Comment on anything:cool: