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Real you vs internet you.

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I was just thinking, is there any differences between you irl and the you, you portray online?

The RL me: Quite quiet and shy, if I am in a group of people I don't know I keep quiet and just listen and only speak when spoken too. If someone verbally insulted me I am likely to just ignore it as I am not the confrontational type.

With friends I tend to throw a lot of friendly banta about and make fun of them a lot, but they soon do the same to me.

The internet me: More out spoken, not to shy to speak to new people, I used to prevent myself from being a smartass unless I was talking to friends online, but lately it seems to be creeping out of me a lot more.

So yeah, is there any differences between you irl and the way you are online?


Thats me by the way
There basically the same person, its just internet me is furrier is all.


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I try to be consistent online and offline. So not much difference


I really don't know anymore.


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internet me: well you all already now about that, also occasionally trolls nothing like I used to, pissed off the wrong people.
irl me: smart, smart ass.


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There isn't that big of a difference between RL me and Internet me.
I'm pretty shy on the interwebs as I am in RL.

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irl me doesn't make typos in speech and that's basically as far as the differences go. I'm probably more of a consistent character irl though compared with here on the internet.

Edit: I tell a lie, I do mumble and slur words sometimes, which I guess is making typos but for irl.


I'm pretty much the same.
It doesn't much matter, though, since I'm really capricious and can have conflicting opinions on everything.

I don't usually think over my posts, and I don't make any excuses for my behavior even if I look back and think "probably not the best idea." I type like I talk, I make use of flowery language peppered with all kinds of curses.



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If you met me, you'd know. But it's otherwise completely unimportant.


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I'm not as snarky or honest IRL as I am online. I'll still call someone on something obviously hypocritical or the like, but I won't start an immediate and open mockery of someone for stupidity unless it really, really takes the cake.

I'm also pretty careful: I feel unnerved just having to spend ten-or-so minutes having to watch my sister's daughter on my own as I'm afraid some shit's going to happen and I'm going to have to explain why the baby's got a bruise, is bleeding, or worse. I mean "Right, no standing while holding the baby, no bouncing while holding the baby, no more than as much time looking at the TV as looking at the baby," and so on. I also tend to tread-on-glass when near people who're loose cannons, unlike online wherein I'll purposely light their short fuse and beeline for the bomb shelter if I feel like it.

So, essentially: More vanilla.


Also, I dance a lot.
Sometimes I sing.

these are things i cant represent here

also i like to talk in stupid voices


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Fearing total social rejection irl, I have never told anyone that I'm a furry.

other than that, one in the same...


RL me: Shy, not very sexual at all (even uncomfortable talking about it), tries to be silly, religious.

Internet me: agnostic (all the cool kids etc), outgoing, fun, friendly.


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-Yeah. Real life me is usually busy doing something of value (subject to opinion on what "value" means).

-Internet me is usually tired, drunk, stressed or some combination of those 3.
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