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Realism photomanipulation slot(s).


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Hi guys!

I've been lurking off this site for a while, but decided to join today. I come offering a commission slot - or more, depending on interest - for a completely custom realistic photomanipulation of your OCs. This basically means I'll take a stock image available for commercial use, and re-colour according to your character's design. Where needed, I'll add things too! It's a bit weird to describe, but here are some examples for you.




The first is my favourite of them all, but I added the others just so you got an idea of what else I can do/will be able to do with more practice. I'm going to say right now that I'm most comfortable, in terms of add-ons, for just wings and horns, without any major species changes required as I'm only using a touchpad! Any profits will go towards ordering an awesome new tablet.

Starting Bids: $1
Minimum Increment: $1
Method of Payment: Paypal only (I do accept e-cheque)
Autobuy: TBA

I really have no idea what these are worth, but I'll see how it goes! Um. as for what you can get:

- A customised background (I can add additional items if requested to make a scene).
- Your main character in the foreground (message me if asking for add-ons like jewellery and other things beyond horns/wings).
- If requested, an additional character can be added - small animals are FREE, larger animals (i.e. another character to be recoloured at the same size) will incur an additional charge unless bids go above $25.
- Any text can be added.
- You choose what size(s) it comes in - yes, that means I can make multiple copies to suit your needs ranging from (where possible) 150x150 for any other site 'avatar' to a desktop wallpaper. I generally work at 1000 pixels in width.

I will close this if a) there is little interest or b) bids do not reach a minimum of $5.


Where are you getting the photos for this? Keep in mind that photographs are copyrighted by their creators, so you can't just take them and change them without either permission or paying to use them.


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People with photos available under creative commons licenses - mostly deviantART. All photos are checked for rules, such as whether available for photo manipulations and use off deviantart, and if required messages are sent out to approve the usage. No photos are used without checks being made, and all are suitable for this use; I would never use anything which isn't suitable.

I should also note that all of the photos used are available to be used for commercial use too - i.e. I can make a profit on the images IF edits are made to the image which render it to be different to the original copy of the photograph with the exception of backgrounds which can have an additional image placed onto the image.

Sorry if this seems somewhat snappy or whatever, just figured I'd make it completely clear that all images are possible to be resold as photomanipulations as it'll relieve me from having to comment it again. If required I can provide the winner with a printscreen of approval messages from the photographer(s) to ensure it is 100% fine, but I can guarantee it is all free-for-use and many people on deviantART themselves make a profit from doing these sorts of commissions.
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