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realistic fire using fur?


New Member
any ideas on how i could make realistic looking fire for this head?

my first idea is using a fur like this
but having the fur point upwards instead of down.
my second idea is using colored wool roving but im afraid it will felt itself when washed/moved around.
i could felt the roving into fire shapes but again i worry the washing will make it smaller/tighten it/misshape it.
ive seen hard plastic being used for cosplay fire but id like it to be able to blow with the wind like real fire instead of a static shape.


New Member
Maybe red and yellow LEDs in a breathing configuration, to get an ember like look. Don't know if this is practical or would look good thouh'...


New Member
Maybe you could involve smoke generators, either built by yourself or from various prebuild devices like used in scale modeling or fun toys. They are fueled with smoke fluid like used for shows. Be careful with these in closed rooms as they trigger smoke detectors and they may get hot if used for longer periods.

You could involve computer fans with floof glued on and decent LED lighting if it has to move (hard to tell if this actually works as intended...). Also electronics can be washed under certain circumstances (e.g. computer fans work under water with limitations, even though I would relube the bearings afterwards).